nicholas crompton

B.Sc., Grad.Masters Physio

Nik graduated as a Physiotherapist in April 2005 from Curtin University and initially worked in the hospital system.  

Prior to Physiotherapy Nik worked in environmental science in the Northern Territory before moving to Perth to study in 2002. 

His major areas of interest include muscloskeletal (muscle and joint conditions such as knee and shoulder pain) and sports physiotherapy, orthopaedics such as pre-operative and post-operative treatments, rehabilitation and acupuncture.  



Garry is a Curtin University trained physiotherapist and has been working at Flinders Lane Physiotherapy Clinic since 2014. He has provided physiotherapy services to state level teams including AFL, soccer and basketball teams and has worked in the hospital system in the past.

Garry has a keen interest in sporting injuries, post-operation rehabilitation as well as neck, shoulder and lower back problems. He takes appointments six days a week for both in-clinic treatment sessions and hydrotherapy and gym based sessions which are run off-site. He is trained in advanced treatment techniques including dry needling to help with direct symptomatic relief, prevention and self-management of symptoms. 

Outside of work Garry is an avid soccer, tennis and badminton player. Having recently bought his first home, Garry has been working hard refurbishing and decorating his new house.


B.App.Sc. (Physio), Postgrad.Dip.Sports Physio, Masters in OHS, Titled APA Sports Physio

​Indra Siva has over 20 years’ experience in physiotherapy private practice. She has studied under recognised leaders in Physiotherapy including Professor Peter O’Sullivan, Professor Leon Straker, and Bob Elvey.


Indra has a postgraduate diploma in Sports Physiotherapy and was awarded the title “APA Titled Sports Physiotherapist” in its inaugural year of titling. This means that she has been recognised by the Australian Physiotherapy Association as one who has advanced clinical knowledge in the field of Sports Physiotherapy. Indra has a keen interest in the prevention of injuries at the workplace through recognised prevention strategies. She holds a Master’s degree in Occupational Health and Safety and has performed Health and Safety roles for a number of companies both in Perth and in the North-West of Western Australia.


Indra is a keen rower having commenced the sport in 2013 after many years of inactivity. She has now rowed at state and national level competitions and is an advocate for increasing activity levels in people of all ages.


Clinic Support

​Cheryl is our clinic support staff person on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Cheryl worked for us when her children were very young and then worked at her children's school during their school years. She came back to work for us six years ago. Time flys when you are having fun as it seems only yesterday.Cheryl enjoys her work with us and we enjoy working with her. Cheryl keeps our clinic running efficiently keeping the background details true and intact so that our clinic runs smoothly.In her time away from work Cheryl travels the planet with her husband and has a really wonderful time experiencing other cultures.

Wendy Schulze

B.App.Sc.(Physio), Grad.Dip.(Manip Therapy)

Wendy Schulze is the original owner of Flinders Lane Physiotherapy Clinic and was the first fully qualified Manipulative Physiotherapist in Rockingham. She has studied under some world pioneers in Physiotherapy including Professor Lance Twomey, Brian Edwards, Robin McKenzie, Associate Professor Rosemary Coates, Adjunct Professor Diana Hopper and Bob Elvey. 


Wendy has taken her experience and expertise overseas and regularly runs physiotherapy related courses in Denmark and other European countries. She has been responsible for maintaining the strong professional standards that continue to exist in the clinic to this day. Forty years on, Wendy is still active in the clinic and maintains an energy and vibrancy with a professionalism that is difficult to match.


Wendy maintains an active lifestyle away from the clinic. She is a keen cyclist, circus performer, runner and wind surfer. She enjoys travelling and renovating her home. Her latest extreme ventures include completing the Wim Hof Course where she was taught how to wear shorts and a bra in minus thirty degree C temperatures for an hour without getting cold plus jumping into freezing Nordic waters. In the other extreme she is an Internationally recognised fire walking Instructor and has walked over thirty times on hot coals.


Wendy enjoys inspiring people to take charge of their lives and make lasting changes that will benefit their futures


Clinic Support

​Jackie works from Thursday to Saturday and both Cheryl and Jackie work closely together so that we have a good communication between them. Jackie has also been with us for six years and we are very grateful for her support during this time. Jackie does the MYOB plus keeps the communication between us and the clients - she is very talented at this.In her life away from work Jackie takes photographs of rock bands and if you want to see what she does check out Jackie Jet Photography on Facebook.


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